Perfect Bound Journals Size 8.5″x11″

A notebook is home to some of the most important thoughts and ideas. It might be a journal, immortalizing the precious moments of each day, or a company binder, protecting the latest new business idea. Unlike a billboard or commercial, a well-crafted, branded notebook continues to create value for both you and your audience months after its initial campaign. Customize these notebooks with your own design, inserts, and cover styles. Also, with the option to add your logo to every page, you can be sure that your brand will be seen and appreciated time and time again.



Low Quantities! Total Customization!

Cover is 10 pt. Stock w/ UV Coating. Text is 140 pages (70 sheets) of 60# white text. One choice of blank, lined, graph or dotted text style, printed in black is available at no additional cost. Corner rounding is no additional cost.

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