Luggage Tags

Help your client’s bags stand out with custom luggage tags. Perfect for travel oriented clients or pre-convention marketing swag. These scratch resistant tags are made with matte cover lamination, and are strong enough to withstand even the roughest trips. We offer two perfect on-the-go travel sizes with a 7” self-attaching loop and a spacious 5”x2.5”  (total size 12″x2.5″) tag or a smaller 2.5″x4″ rectangle tag with a separate 9″ clear loop hanger.

Send us your logo and information and we’ll brand one of our pre-made designs for you. Looking for even more customization? Work with our designer or create your own custom design.

Wherever your clients go, they’ll have you to thank for taking them to new heights!


Custom Luggage Tags: Size 2.5″ x 12″ Printed on 12 mil vinyl with matte uv on both sides, die-cut to size

Pricing for 2.5 x 12 Luggage Tags


Rectangle Luggage Tags: Size 2.5″ x 4.0″ Printed on 12 mil vinyl with 10 mil matte lamination on both sides, cut and corner, or die-cut. One side color other side black and white. Includes a 9″ clear loop hanger for tag, not assembled.

Pricing for Rectangle Luggage Tags

Special Features

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