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Custom Promotional Journals and Notebooks by Tektured

A well-branded promotional notebook or journal continues to provide value for months after its initial campaign. Whether the book is continually used for notes or it sits on a desk at work, it constantly reminds recipients of your brand. Tektured offers three different styles of fully customizable notebooks and journals that will work for any type of campaign. These journals and notebooks can be personalized so that they are always unique while still matching brand image. Better yet, Tektured’s in-house tech team and software makes the process of designing and producing your custom promotional journals and notebooks an easy and efficient process.

Custom Promotional Journals and Notebooks

  • Perfect bound journals and notebooks
  • Saddle-stitch journals and notebooks
  • Wire-O bound journals and notebooks

While each of the three journal and notebook options have unique features, there are certain aspects of design and production that are the same across the board. You can request a free Tektured sample kit to get a first-hand look at most of the features listed below.

Minimum order quantity: 25 units

Cover Options:

  • Lamination
  • Digital spot foil
  • Digital spot varnish
  • Personalized with the name of the recipient

Inside Options:

  • Black and white page insert
  • Color page insert
  • Two-sided calendar page
  • Printed inside cover

Page Style Options:

  • Printed logo on the corner of each page
  • Lined pages
  • Dotted pages
  • Blank pages
  • Grid pages

Other Details: 

  • Individual shrinkwrap available
  • Corner rounding (no additional cost)

Below are specific features and details for each of the three journal and notebook options offered by Tektured. 

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Perfect Bound Journals and Notebooks

Tektured’s perfect bound custom promotional journals and notebooks provide a clean, professional look for your brand. The visual appeal also comes at a lower cost than hardcover books since these journals and notebooks don’t take as many resources to produce and production time is much shorter. These books are also the easiest to stack and are significantly lighter than regular hardcover books. The thicker spine makes these promotional journals and notebooks more durable as well as gives you the option to personalize the spine with text or a logo.

Number of pages: 140 (70 sheets)

5.25 x 8.25 inches
7 x 9 inches
8.5 x 11 inches

Wire-O Bound Journals and Notebooks

These promotional notebooks and journals are by far the most versatile option on the market. The Wire-O binding allows you to lay books flat or fold it to a single page without it closing on itself. The double-loop wiring is also much more durable than most coil or spiral binding and allows for full-bleed printing. These factors keep a professional look and make it extremely reliable while remaining a very cost-effective form of bookbinding.

Number of pages: 140 (70 sheets)

5.5 x 8.5 inches
7 x 9 inches
8.5 x 11 inches

Saddle-Stitch Journals and Notebooks

The saddle-stitch journals and notebooks are designed by Tektured to easily slip into any pocket. Their smaller size makes them cheaper to ship and more likely to travel with your client – taking your brand with them wherever they go. You can still make the same customizations as you can with the larger notebooks and journals. This includes all of the cover, inside and page style options listed above. Along with more reasonable shipping costs, the smaller sizes combined with the saddle-stitch binding makes these customizable journals and notebooks the cheapest option offered by Tektured.

Number of pages: 40 (20 sheets)

3.5 x 5 inches
5 x 7 inches
7 x 9 inches

You can see and feel the quality of Tektured’s capabilities by requesting a free sample kit. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Tektured’s custom promotional journals and notebooks, please contact us!

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