Low minimum promotional products and quick turnaround time warehouse

Low Minimum Promotional Products & Quick Turnaround Times With Tektured

Working with thousands of clients that vary from large brands to small businesses, the Tektured executive team understands that offering low minimum promotional products and quick turnaround times are just as important as providing our high quality print items.

With top-notch equipment combined with innovative digital printing techniques and software, Tektured makes sure to keep minimums low and get promotional print products out the door fast.

Low Minimum Promotional Products

Tektured only requires a minimum order of 25 units to commit to producing your product. We are able to offer low minimum promotional products because we do not carry any inventory in our warehouse. This allows promotional products to be 100 percent customized to meet the needs of clients. Distributors also never have to worry about us being out of stock of any item as we work with suppliers to ensure orders are still fulfilled as soon as possible.

These low minimums are universal with any Tektured promotional product or one-off prints. This includes any customized product involving personalized pages, raised foil, variable data or any of the Tektured finishes.

Quick Turnaround Times

Tektured promotional products are sourced and produced domestically here in the United States. Our clients don’t have to worry about the complications and delays that are often associated with international trade. We guarantee a quick turnaround time of 5-7 days from the time we receive designs for any promotional product. Want it faster? We also offer rush services to clients which can drop production time down to two days.

Operating out of our parent company’s 65,000-foot production facility, Tektured uses a fully automated process. This process ensures all orders are fulfilled and shipped quickly and correctly. With more than 140 employees, our equipment runs 24 hours a day for six days a week to get our products out the door and into your hands as soon as possible.

Want to know more about our most popular promotional products? Request a free 2020 Tektured sample kit so you can see and feel the difference of Tektured’s capabilities. Contact a Tektured representative for more information on our low minimum promotional products and quick turnaround times.

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