The 2020 Tektured Sample Kit design

2020 Tektured Sample Kit

The Tektured sample kit showcases some of the capabilities and products that make Tektured one of the best branding options in the print industry. Each packet contains samples of Tektured’s most popular items that demonstrate impressive print qualities that you and your clients can both see and feel.

The design of the 2020 Tektured sample kit features Bauhaus style patterns throughout all the packaging and contents. This particular style focuses on minimalism,  simplicity and aesthetic beauty through the use of basic colors and shapes. The simple and colorful design was created to emphasize the unique digital finishes with a colorful abstract appearance while limiting any potentially distracting artwork.

The packaging of the 2020 Tektured Sample Kit

The 2020 Tektured Sample Kit

Foldable Packaging:

The designs on the outside of the packet give you a first glance of a variety of the print features that Tektured has to offer. The exterior has a strong presence of blue, gold and red digital foil that highlights how the use of foil can make a significant difference in the appearance of any product. The foil is used in a variety of both large and small shapes as well as text to showcase broad possibilities that it can be used for.

Recipients will also feel the contrast in quality as soon as they pick up a Tektured sample kit package. Along with digital foil, the packaging’s surface has both spot UV varnish and soft-touch laminate. The spot varnish is a simple dotted pattern that provides a distinguishable texture while the soft touch enhances the piece with a pleasant, smooth feel.

Sample Journal:

The complimentary perfect bound journal includes a fold out that details many of the popular Tektured promotional print products and the various print finishes that make for stunning visuals. These customizable promotional journals allow you to fully customize the covers as well as the pages. Choose from dotted, lined, blank or grid pages and whether you’d like your logo in color or black and white placed in the corner of each page.

The sample journal also demonstrates Tektured’s ability to add page inserts, calendar pages and printed inside covers. Tektured clients can also take advantage of variable data pages, lamination and shrink wrap options to add value to their products.

Foil and Varnish Finish Guide:

The Tektured Sample Kit Foil and Varnish Finish Guide

The Tektured finish guide engages your senses as you can compare the appearance and feel of different print finishes. The guide allows you to see the contrast between a regular image with no special features and the exact same image with Tektured print finishes. The first couple pages of the guide go in-depth on the data behind the benefits that come with the use of Tektured finishes. The rest of the guide displays digital foil, soft touch, and spot varnish, and how each element can work together to create an eye-catching look with an engaging touch.

Paper Mouse Pad:

The Tektured docupad is a popular self-promotion piece since it frequently finds its home on your customers’ desks as a mouse pad and notepad. The sample paper mouse pad features just one style as the pad design can be fully customized through the use of logos and colors to match your brand.

The Tektured foil swatch card

Foil Swatch Card:

The foil swatch card includes the nine most popular digital foil colors used by Tektured clients and the colors that are constantly in stock. There are roughly 90 total foil color options that clients can choose from, however, other options may not be in stock and will have to be ordered in on a project-by-project basis.

Gift Wrap:

One of the more popular Tektured promotional items is the custom gift wrap. The sample kit includes one of the standard 20 x 29-inch pieces of custom wrapping paper. Printed on durable paper, each sheet of custom gift wrap can be designed to meet your branding needs. The sample gift wrap allows recipients to see how they could utilize design and the use of logos. You also can leave the guesswork behind as you are able to physically see how large each sheet of gift wrap is and determine if it would meet your needs.

Luggage Tags:

Each kit includes two different sample luggage tags. One tag has a 7-inch self-attaching loop with a 5 x 2.5-inch rectangle label while the other is a simple 2.5 x 4-inch rectangle tag. Both tags are scratch resistant, strong enough to endure many trips and can be fully personalized.

Business Card:

The sample Tektured business is not just there to ensure that sample kit recipients have our contact information. The card utilizes blue, gold and silver foil on a soft-touch laminate. It is another example of how Tektured can help your business standout from the crowd.

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Request Your Free 2020 Tektured Sample Kit:

The entire Tektured Sample Kit

You can request this year’s free Tektured sample kit by filling out a simple contact form. As a full-scale printer, the sample kit is just a small sample of what Tektured really can offer. Contact a representative today if you have any questions on what Tektured can do as a preferred distributor partner.

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