Notebooks on a cart during production

Case Study: 1 Client—54000 Notebooks

A marketing agency needed to produce over 50,000 notebooks within the United States to avoid rising tariffs in China. On the other hand, the agency’s client, one of the largest retailers in North America with multiple brands and several thousand locations, was extremely cautious about US manufactured goods.

stack of 3 notebooksDue to a previous negative experience, the client was left with a bad taste for Stateside production. They had ordered 100,000 tote bags. Unfortunately, only 1/3 of the product was salvageable owing to poor quality. This incident left the client wanting to buy from China; regardless of rising tariffs.

In order to meet the client’s needs, the marketing agency reached out to Tektured. To ensure quality, the Tektured team kept an open line of communication with the agency. This included sending photos of the production process. This practice allowed the agency to ease their client’s mind. The images provided proof the product was being manufactured in the way it was promised.

Tektured delivered all 50,000+ notebooks two weeks ahead of the scheduled due date. Doing so, allowed the client more than enough time to distribute the product from its warehouse to each retail location. By delivering high quality product in advance established goodwill and trust between the client, the agency and Tektured. As a result, the agency looked like an all-star in the eyes of the client.

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