All Wrapped Up: The Need For Custom Gift Wrap

While it’s only September now, the holiday season is swiftly coming, and will be here before we know it. With the holiday’s comes gifts. Gifts for clients. Employees. Business partners, and more. Let’s be honest, the holidays are a busy time, and it’s easy for a gift to get lost in the clutter.

Which brings us to…

What can you do to pack a punch, one that leaves a lasting impression? To begin, the gift itself needs to have relevance to the receiver. By New Year’s all generic gifts are forgotten. Make it meaningful—because that’s how to impress and make your client feel appreciated; knowing you paid attention to them and their interests.

Once you have the gift in hand, don’t immediately send it off. Presentation is everything. Yes, everything. Just as product presentation and packaging makes a difference to consumers, your gift execution should be a whole experience; from the gift all the way up to it’s packaging. Wrap it. Package it up beautifully. Present it as the present it is. That small extra step adds more value than you might think.

Why wrap it, you may ask?

Time to [Gift] Wrap It Up

Let’s go through some of the logistics of wrapping paper.

Reason number one, science! That’s right; studies show people hold the giver and present in higher esteem if it’s wrapped. They have found nicely wrapped gifts increase a person’s mood. It’s believed to be partially because of the association of presents with special occasions.

Giving a simple wrapped gift to employees can improve the company’s culture. Don’t believe that wrapping paper has that much of an effect? Well did you know in WWII the gift-wrapping industry’s production went up because the beautiful wrapping paper helped improve moral? You may not be fighting a war inside your company but keeping employees happy and appreciated keeps a positive environment for everyone.

Gift wrap adds a lovely touch of personalization. Especially if you get your own specialized wrapping paper, like what we offer here at Tektured. Come up with your own unique creative design. It could include your logo, or if you want to make the gift experience more spectacular, brand it with your client’s company and logo. The extra little touch of personalization is going to leave an impression. It’s also increasing your client’s feeling of being valued; like their brand is important to you too.

However, the holidays aren’t the only gift appropriate time…

And the Bow on Top

Sometimes the holiday season is too hectic. A gift during the holidays might not be possible. Don’t fret there are plenty of other moments around the year that are great gift giving opportunities. AND you’ll make an impact with the lack of competition the holidays bring. Consider special events such as important anniversaries, closing a deal, or retirement.  Because these events carry  significance, you showing appreciation during these prolific times will build a stronger relationship with your client. It reaches a deeper level, far beyond holiday obligation.

Take note of…

Be culturally aware. If it’s an international client, it’s important to investigate their customs of what’s appropriate and what’s not. For example, certain colors might have a negative connotation in specific countries. How expensive a gift is, or how you give the gift can also hold cultural significance.

No Time like the Present

Be prepared for this upcoming season. There is no time like the present. Now is the perfect time to get your custom wrapping paper. For more benefits of customized wrapping paper or to learn more about Tektured’s product line, we have a video just for you.

Happy Holidays… a little early!  

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