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Feel the Difference — Why Touch Matters

Have you ever walked through a department store and seen a blanket that looked so plush and soft, you just had to touch it? If the blanket didn’t live up to your expectations it would become a disappointing experience. As humans we love to feel. It’s a large part of how we intake new information and process the world around us. As a child, you quickly learned that the stove is hot if you touched the burners while it was on with your bare hands. It’s a lesson that’s forever imprinted in your memory, even if only subconsciously.

It’s All in the Touch

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Seeing is believing,” but did you know there is a second part to it? “Seeing is believing but feeling is the truth.” The quote by Thomas Fuller, depicts sight as important, but touch is what solidifies the experience.  If the blanket you felt in the department store exceeded your expectations it becomes a satisfying moment. One that might not be remembered forever, but leaves a positive impression about the blanket and store. That experience just might lead you back to that store when you’re in the market for a blanket.

What does this have to do with notebooks or journals you may be asking, well…

I Read Somewhere

Black and white bookBefore we get into how touch influences Tektured, lets breakdown its effect on reading and recall. In the article Why the Brain Prefers Paper by Ferris Jabr, He explains why there is a preference to paper when it comes to reading and understanding.

To quote Jabr, “People understand and remember what they read on paper better than what they read on screen. Researchers think the physicality of paper explains the discrepancy.”

Since Jabr’s article there have been multiple studies focusing on the influence of physically holding a book versus e-reading. The general consensus, so far, is e-readers are great for skimming. If you only need the name and date of something it’s far more efficient than a book. However, to truly understand and grasp the abstract ideas and engage deeper, holding a physical book is better. Our senses make us engage certain ways with the world around us. We create biases about what we see subconsciously by what we feel. Holding a book is soft and comforting. Reading online feels more formal and simultaneously distracting.

touchable textured journal

Let’s tie it in…

Feel the Difference

Tektured is all about creating a tactile impact. Our branding revolves around the tagline “feel the difference” for good reason.  We use foil, spot touch, spot varnish and velvet lamination to create a unique custom experiences with our products. With the textures that vary from the tradition, customers are far more likely to hold the piece longer. And like in the blanket story from the beginning, it leaves a lasting impression. We understand the benefits of having a piece that stands out not only because it’s visually appealing, but includes a tactile appeal as well. Touch creates distinction; it makes you feel the difference.



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