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Designing Using Raised Foil vs Flat Foil

Customization is an important part of what we do at Tektured. This means giving businesses the ability to work with our designers to create products to match their specifications is vital. We offer a variety of options for the ultimate customization experience. If you want to really make your printed products pop, we recommend including digital foil in your design.

The question is, what are your options with digital foil?

Raised Digital Foil

First it’s important to understand what your options are with foil. Printing with foil used to require heat and a very specific type of press and plates to be used on the print. Many printing companies still print raised foil this way. As it is a more intensive process it often raises the price on printed products. Here at Tektured we utilize our MGI Jet Varnish 3D printer. It adds raised foil designs without using dyes or screens. As the name implies it creates a beautiful 3-dimensional touch to products. Being able to literally feel the foil and varnish makes products stand out. Touchable products create lasting impressions. On top of being able to add foil in a simpler process for cheaper, there are also multiple color options to choose from. Making it that much easier to match your branding.

Flat Digital FoilBefore & After Flat Foil

In the past flat foil wasn’t really even an option. The only way to add foil was through the raised foil method. Because of ever advancing technology, it’s now completely possible. Our Indigo printers print in a black ink, similar to a marker before the design is fed through the MGI, which lays a thin layer of foil over the black ink. Because there is no varnish covering the foil, the prints are smoother and flatter. The opposite of raised foil. However, the flat foil still holds a lovely sheen to make the product pop.

Once you have decided on which foil style to use; all that’s left to do is choose your color and prepare your file. If you’re not sure where to start our creative director will walk you through the preparation process in this blog post. Either way, flat or raised, you can’t go wrong. They both add an eye-catching element for a perfect finishing touch.

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