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Takeaways: A Trade Show Must

We’ve all been to them. Sometimes as the person attending. Sometimes as a vendor. No matter which one you are, trade shows are a great way to branch out. You have the opportunities to draw in new clientele, network, and see what like-minded companies are doing. As a vendor the challenge is finding a way to stand out from the hundreds of other booths competing for guest’s attention. Having a memorable and functional takeaway sets your company apart. Consequently, making it easier for attendees to remember you once the trade show has ended.

What’s the Takeaway

trade show notebooks with colorful covers

The Baudville Brands, a group of brands focused on employee engagement and recognition, are a prime example of how to use takeaways to your advantage. Using customized notebooks, they are creating a lure for people to come to their booth. Instead of simply handing out their notebook takeaways at random, they are using a system to bring people to them. To start Baudville prepared six different cover designs. People attending the trade show will be able to choose which design they like best. With their decision made, each person will be provided with only the cover of their chosen design. To get the actual notebook they will venture over to the company’s booth. Individuals are then able to trade the cover for the matching notebook. Because Baudville is taking advantage of the unique notebook covers on their takeaways, they are creating a clever way of getting traction.

Leave a Lasting Impression

You may be asking why a company would choose notebooks? Well notebooks are lightweight, can come in a variety of sizes, they are easy to store or carry, and have a wide variety of functionality. Brands can easily include logos or elements of branding in their notebook takeaway designs.  The Baudville Brands included their logo and a mission statement on the first page. As a result, there is a simple reminder of their company each time the notebook is used. It’s those small details make for trade show takeaway wins.


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