How Do You Add Value?

10 Questions That Add Value To Your Services

How many times have you heard a sales professional say to not compete on price? The reason that seasoned promotional products industry professionals often say this is because they know that when you discount your products or try to undercut a competitor solely on price you will ultimately lose! The real key is to both demonstrate and add value in what you are offering.

Discounts are simply a race to the bottom. With each competitor trying to win on price they will eventually give away too much. As they say, you may win the battle but you will lose the war. And we get it, as a distributor, when you have a client on the line willing to do business if you offer a discount it is hard to turn that away. 

The key is to have CONFIDENCE in your product and know where your products and services are ADDING VALUE. Then work on your sales skills to demonstrate that value to your customers. To help you identify areas where you are adding value, below is a list of 10 questions (in no particular order) to ask yourself about your business.


10 Questions 


  1.  Are there features that only you or your company offer?
  2.  Is your service faster?
  3.  What problem(s) are you best at solving?
  4.  What industry relationships do you have that others do not?
  5.  Where on the spectrum of quality are your products and services?
    (high end/high price or low end/low price)
  6.  Would you buy from you? Why? Or perhaps more importantly; Why not?
  7.  What is your expertise?
  8.  Have you been in the industry a long time? (Experience adds value!)
  9.  Who are your ideal customers? Why?
  10.  Is it easy for your customers to do business with you? Why?/Why not?


This is just a starting point. For additional insight ask your team where they feel you and your company add value. And for another sales tip – ask your customers where you are adding value for them. They will appreciate that you asked and it helps to further build your relationship.


Where Tektured Adds Value

At Tektured we make some of the best quality notebooks and other paper printed products in the industry. But where we REALLY add value is with our specialty print finishing options. There are only a handful of printers in the United States that own an MGI 3D Jetvarnish machine and we are one of them!

While other companies can offer foil and spot UV, very few of our competitors can do variable printing with foil or spot UV. Our print technology allows us to do this where others can’t. That adds value to what you can offer your customers!

For proof of how our products can add value take a look at our sample kit for examples of how beautiful our work can be. We offer these sample kits – for FREE – as a value added service to make it easier for you to show your clients what their options can be. 

When you start to look around, you will be surprised at how much value you are already adding. Make a list of those things and start to incorporate those into your sales opportunities. You will be pleased with the results!

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