Custom Print Projects Through Tektured

If you follow our blog, you may recognize Tektured as a provider of print collateral like journals and calendars. While it is true that we print a lot of familiar collateral, we can also do so much more through custom print projects!

Creating Custom Print Projects with Tektured

Depending on what your client needs, you may need different types of print collateral than what you might see in our catalog or in our sample kit. However, these are only our most popular items. Due to our location at Alexander’s Print Advantage, we have access to technology and materials that can help us create much, much more.

These invitations, for example, aren’t featured in our usual catalogs. But because Tektured works with Alexander’s Print Advantage, we have access to much of the technology and capabilities they use. Our facility is ready to handle printing, packaging, and shipping orders of almost any kind! So whatever your clients need to boost their business, we can create it.

Other unusual items we have created for our clients include convention booths. These come in an easy-to-create kit that you can take along to the convention, or that we can ship to its location. Anyone can put these booths together, and they perfectly match the brand and needs of the company and the convention.

Just because it’s a custom product doesn’t mean that we won’t protect your brand or your client’s! Every one of our products is designed to use your clients’ brand colors and logo, wherever you need it. So whatever product you need, we’ll make sure it’s consistent. See how our design process works to give you the best product and experience!

If you have an unusual request for a Tektured product, don’t be afraid to ask! Call or contact us today to learn what Tektured can create for you and your business. If we can’t provide it, our parent company, Alexander’s Print Advantage, likely can!

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