The Benefits of Custom Wrapping Paper [Video]

Most people think of wrapping paper as applicable only during the winter holidays or a birthday. But Tektured creates totally custom, high-quality wrapping paper year-round for a variety of occasions! Michael Stone walks our Tektured guests through all the benefits of custom wrapping paper. Check out the video below!

Quality Paper

Our wrapping paper is not the flimsy kind you might find at the store. We print our paper so you can present a high-quality gift. You can see that the corners of the wrapped boxes in the video are nice and square, not torn or frail. If you use our wrapping paper, you’ll be sure that all of your gifts will arrive safely, no matter the method of transit.

Create Your Own

While the designs we show in this video are our own, you can create any design for wrapping paper you want. Just use a simple step-and-repeat design to make a consistent pattern on the templates we’ll send you.

Your designs might include the branding of a company name, company colors, an image, and more. It’s all up to you what goes into your custom wrapping paper. When you use custom designs, your gifts become that much more special. Check out the other benefits of Tektured wrapping paper here.

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Want to try a design of your own? Head over to our Wrapping Paper page to create a virtual sample using any design you want!

You can also order our sample kit to get a piece of custom wrapping paper for yourself to see if it’s right for your clients. Already know you want it? Call or contact us today! We’re ready to help you create the ultimate gift wrapping for your business or clients.

Related: The Benefits of Custom Wrapping Paper Video

Looking for more print products? Check out our selection of customizable print products or see what we can do as a fully automated premium printer.

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