New Sample Kit Video

We’ve updated our sample kit! Each piece has a new and different design, and recipients can show them off to their team and clients. Tektured Director Michael Stone goes through the kit step-by-step and shares how the pieces inside can enhance your business in this sample kit video.

Sample Kit Video

Details and Design

The 2019 Tektured sample kit video

While our original sample kit looked incredible, we want a cohesive look for all the pieces inside. So when we redesigned it, we chose a theme we could apply to every piece. Hence this bold, retro look! The colors of every piece pop, and that’s without finishes!

Our new design also shows the intricate details you can use on your own products. As Michael points out in the sample kit video, we can create tiny lines with our MGI technology to enhance any design. That’s because we use digital printing to create these details, which you just can’t do by hand without great expense and time.


Our sample kit puts examples of our work into your hands so you can feel the difference for yourself. We’ve included foil samples, wrapping paper, a journal, a docupad, and a luggage tag. Each of these pieces showcases our highest quality work. Everyone who receives one of these sample kits can feel the effort we put into our products. We want to go above and beyond for you and your clients!

Among these, we have also added a foil and varnish guide. This shows the huge difference foil or varnish can make to a design or image. Foil and varnish guides help your clients see what they can do to enhance any design and make it stand out.

Want a sample kit for yourself? We’d be happy to send you one! Call or contact us today to get a Tektured sample kit for your business.

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