14 Ways to Use a Notebook

We all know the feeling of getting a beautiful new notebook–and then not knowing what to do with it! If you’ve got a fear of the blank page, check out these 14 ideas for how to use a Tektured notebook or journal.

14 Ways To Use A Notebook

1. Journal

The most obvious thing to use a blank notebook for is a journal or diary. Keep track of your day-to-day activities, feelings, and experiences on lined or bullet pages.

2. Brainstorming for Projects/Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t always strike when you need it! If your projects require creativity, spark it by using your notebook to brainstorm. A brainstorming notebook is a good space for freewriting, lists, and capturing any idea–no matter how seemingly random or silly it first appears.

A photo of a notebook that says to never stop dreaming - as part of ways to use a notebook3. Affirmations/motivation

We all need a little boost once in a while. Write down your favorite quotes that inspire you in these pages! Try creating your own affirmations; sometimes speaking to yourself this way can be a stronger push to believe in yourself. Read them again when you need a brighter day or to prompt yourself to get a job done.

4. Doodles

Some people just listen better when their hands are busy! Keep a nice pen or pencil with your notebook and, during meetings or lectures, let your imagination run wild!

Don’t know what to doodle? Try easy, relaxing Zentangle patterns!

5. Goal/Habit tracker

Build a new habit or meet a goal. Track your progress day by day–or, if it’s a very detailed goal, hour by hour! If you’re using a grid or bullet journal, you can track how many days you’ve worked towards a goal with graphs. Take a couple pages to create a calendar and plan out future steps towards your goal.

6. Travel journal

Headed somewhere fun? Turn your blank book into a travel journal! Write down information from a guidebook or tips from friends who’ve visited your destination before.

You can also plan future trips! Write down tips for your next trip: restaurants you liked, the best way to get around, or stops you missed.

7. Health Planner (Diet and Exercise)

Keep track of your diet! Even if you’re not on a specific meal plan, it’s a good way to keep track of what you’re eating and when.

If you’re adding an exercise routine to your life, you can plan this as well using a journal. You can add exercise length and type to your planner to make sure you’re meeting your goals! You can also keep track of how you feel afterwards and what you can do to improve your workout.

8. Media Tracker

Everyone has a growing “I need to watch that!” list and to-be-read pile these days! It’s easy to keep track on the apps, but what if the show or movie you want to watch isn’t on your subscription channel yet? Use a notebook to keep track of movies, books, TV shows, and songs you want to catch up on later.

When you do read, listen, or watch, you

can also mark what you did and didn’t like about it, which can help if you’re writing a review online later.

9. To-do and shopping lists

If you’ve got a pocket-sized journal, you can keep track of tasks to do around the house, on a project, or while running errands. Having a paper list can be more convenient if your phone is low on battery or if you need to take a call while you’re finishing up your list.

10. Sketchbook

Every artist needs practice! Take your journal places and see what inspires you. When you have downtime, practice figure drawing, expressions, calligraphy, or designs. Your work will improve in no time!

11. Event planner

Got a big event coming up, like a party or a wedding? Keep track of everything you need to do, your budget, and your guest list all in one spot!

12. Scrapbook

At first glance, scrapbooking can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Make a simple scrapbook out of a hardcover notebook or journal. In just one place, you can attach ticket stubs, menus, photos, postcards, “I Voted” stickers, and more, along with a short note to remember what you did.

13. Writing short stories

Like artists, writers need to stretch those creative muscles! Writing by hand helps many storytellers get their creative juices flowing and avoid distractions. A notebook can be nice for shorter pieces, like flash fiction, poetry, or short stories.

14. Wishlist

Got a birthday or holiday approaching fast? Or do you see something you really like that you want to work towards affording? Keep track of things you might like as gifts or goals.

You don’t have to keep a wishlist just for yourself, either! Here, you can keep track of what other people might want as well, which can help when choosing gifts around the holidays.

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