The Tektured Nutcracker Gift box

Nutcracker Gift Box and Christmas Card

We’ve turned our facility into the North Pole! Tektured has been creating top-notch Christmas cards and gift boxes for our clients. Each of them uses that famous Tektured MGI foil and varnish over a gorgeous design by our creative director, Rick Williamson. This year’s Christmas campaign is based around a nutcracker gift box and themed Christmas card.

Check out this video to see everything in the Christmas campaign!

Nutcracker Gift Box

This box evokes Old-World Christmas nostalgia. We use two colors of foil (gold and glitter) and plenty of spot varnish. It makes the nutcrackers’ vibrant colors pop, and makes the box fun to handle. It’s impossible to take your eyes off of in person! That makes this the perfect gift box to show how much we appreciate our clients.

We stuff each box with a bag of gourmet popcorn. This required us to troubleshoot and make sure our design was perfect for the product. The rounded top of the box not only enhances the nutcracker look; it accommodates the shape of the popcorn bag.

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Christmas Card

The design uses the same bright colors and design as the boxes, right down to the woodgrain. We even have used foil and varnish on both the card and the envelope. From the moment one of our clients receive a card, it stands out with the faint glimmer of snowflakes and varnish on the logo.

We used our laser cutter to cut these cards, rather than use a potentially expensive die. The laser cutter lets a designer experiment with designs that work. A die leaves no room for that kind of experimentation. Using the laser cutter also allowed us to create folds in the cardstock to allow for cleaner, neater creases.

We used variable data on the envelopes to supply the name and address of each recipient. Another spot of variable data helped us sort out clients by their contact within Alexander’s. This not only kept each member of our sales team from having to sort through hundreds of cards; it helped them give their clients a personal touch.

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Merry Christmas

We hope you and those close to you have a very Merry Christmas this year!

As for next year, if you’d like to send out custom designed Christmas cards, wrap with personalized wrapping paper, or make festive packaging contact us. We’ll help make your holiday season festive.

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