Premier Design Services Through Tektured

Design is an important part of the services we offer at Tektured. Some businesses choose to design their products themselves, and  Tektured is flexible in using any design you give us. However, others rely on our premier design services to create the best branded look on any item. Are you one of these companies? Here’s how our design process works to give you the highest quality looks on anything you order.

Premier Design Services

We work closely with the creative director at Alexander’s Print Advantage, Rick Williamson. He has worked with top-notch companies like Coca-Cola. Now, his designs wow through every one of Alexander’s brands, including Tektured. Remember our award-winning sample kit? That’s just a glimpse at what Rick is capable of creating for your business.

The Design Process

Our designs tend to work one of four ways. Which one works best for you?

#1: Pre-Designed Product and Logo

See one of our existing designs you like? It’s as simple as picking it out! Once you’ve chosen a pre-designed product such as a journal, all you need to do is send us your logo. Our design department will add the logo to each product before printing.

#2: Design Your Own

Want to design a product in-house? Just ask!

Tektured will send your company or designer a template. This contains the information for dimensions, spine placement, bleed, logo placement, and other artwork notes. This is to make your product align exactly with our automated print specifications. We’ll set it up for you, and when finished, we’ll supply you with a digital or physical proof of the final product. Once we have your all-clear, it’s ready to print!

#3: Custom Design

Perhaps the existing designs aren’t quite what you’re looking for. With our creative director and top-notch design department, we can create designs matched to your needs.

Just send us some notes on what you’re interested in making. Specify things like color, theme, and general design. Our design department will create a product based on your direction and send you a proof for feedback. After the revision process, we’ll set it up and print it for you. Voila–a completely custom design made specifically for your business!

#4: Custom Design: Non-Template Products

Though we have templates ready for our most common products like journals or desktop calendars, we can create just about any printed product, branded for your business. What do you need for your business to succeed?

The process is much the same as above. Only this time, we may create tools like custom dies for your product before we print it. This option may be more expensive, even for small changes in existing templates. However, some businesses still rely on Tektured’s stand-out design and products to fill their marketing needs. If this is the right design process for you, we are happy to work with your company!

Interested in designing products with us or using our premier design services? Call us today or fill out the contact form to feel the Tektured difference for yourself.

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