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Tektured Travel Products

We’re heading into the holiday season–and following that, trade show season! You may find the next few months packed with trips, both personal and business related. Some travel products are obvious: clothes, toothbrushes, charging cables–but what about business essentials?

3 Mainstay Tektured Travel Products

1. Travel Journals

Because of the rise of social media and phone memos, physical travel journals have fallen by the wayside somewhat. But travel journals can do so much that photos and memo lists can’t! For one, they’re always available, regardless of limited roaming data, airplane mode, or low battery. You can use them to record:

  • Itineraries
  • Packing lists (both in and out)
  • Schedules (especially for trains, buses, ferries, and other time-sensitive transit)
  • Phone numbers
  • Names
  • Vacation quotes and memories

Our travel journals are completely personalized, either for an individual or a business. And our smaller sizes are perfect for taking on the go! Choose a saddle-stitched 3.5″ x 5″ or 5″ x 7″ journal for your clients’ trips. These staple-bound books lay flat, making them easy to write in. Select a variety of page options, whether your customers are bullet-journalists or fans of a traditional lined look.

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2. Luggage Tags

No matter the trip, whether it’s a getaway or a convention, luggage tags are essential! Even if a piece of luggage looks unique, this identification can be vital when picking it up from the airport carousel. Designing it to match a business or just to stand out helps your clients locate their belongs quickly.

While paper might sound like a fragile option for luggage tags, our tags are actually quite durable! They can bear up to 40 pounds. Plus we coat them with matte lamination to make them scratch-resistant over your journeys. We offer two perfect on-the-go travel sizes with a 7” self-attaching loop and a spacious 5”x2.5”  (total size 12″x2.5″) tag or a smaller 2.5″x4″ rectangle tag with a separate 9″ clear loop hanger.

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3. Custom Pocket Folders

While you might think of this as only an office tool, it can be very useful for travel, too! You can use your pocket folder to store:

  • Physical itineraries
  • Tickets
  • Receipts
  • Paper souvenirs (menus, postcards)
  • Hotel keys
  • Convention badges
  • Miscellaneous items like stamps or store rewards cards

Like all of our products, these pocket folders are 100% customizable. Design the cover and pockets exactly how you want them! Or work with our designer to add your logo to one of our already proven designs. Each folder comes with a polished coating, adding both protection and class to your brand.

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What will you use to facilitate your client’s next business trip or vacation? Talk to Tektured today to see what travel products we can create for your business.

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