Building a Journal For Customers

Who is your ideal customer when it comes to creating journals? How do you decide what product best fits an individual client? Our tips from Tektured will help you individually style each journal for customers.


For printed journals, size does matter. Our smaller journals (5.25″ x 8.25″, 7″ x 9″) are perfect for carrying around. They make great travel journals, whether for a conference or for a visit to a partnering business.

The largest size we offer (8.5″ x 11″) looks fantastic on any desk. Give these as gifts to new employees or to those team members who need a lot of space in their notebooks.

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Along with the size, you’ll need to consider the type of binding to match your customers’ needs. Will they be on-the-go a lot and need their notebook to be easy to write in, no matter the surface beneath it? Should your book be sturdy enough to handle writing or drawing away from a desk or table?

We have plenty of options for binding! Use the flexibility of a saddle-stitched (staple binding) or wire-o notebook to suit on-the-go customers who need to jot down quick notes. Make your book look elegant and ready for any professional meeting with a hard cover and perfect binding. Give softcover, perfect-bound journals as lightweight, easy-to-carry gifts for events or to newcomers to your team. The choice is yours!

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Cover Customization

Having as much flexibility in a product design as possible makes for happier customers! With Tektured, you can design your journals however you want! Create stunning, branded books for individuals and companies, personalizing each piece just for them. Or, let your unique creations shine with your own design capabilities, allowing you the flexibility to give any design to any company.

Add MGI digital spot foil and varnish to your final design to make your journals stand out even more! Tektured provides plenty of options regarding our foil colors and spot varnish capabilities.


Other suppliers might overlook the branding opportunity found on the inside pages of your journal. Tektured allows you to put your clients’ branding on every page! Take advantage of this opportunity to make each journal stand out!

Stylize each page further with your choice of blank, lined, graph, or dotted pages. Customize each journal for writers and note-takers, bullet journal users, graph-drawers, and doodlers! With these options, every product can be as unique as your client.

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Let’s get started on creating your own journals today! Along with any journal for customers, Tektured can supply almost any printed promotional material for any brand or design.

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