Printing with Texture for Halloween

How better to get into the “spirit” of Halloween than to have fun reminders of the season? Tektured is kicking off this October right with themed print. Want to get in on the festivities? Here are some of the things we’re printing with texture this year that you can use for your own business!

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Printing With Texture For Office Supplies

Any festive workplace appreciates items they can use during the holiday to share their festive sides, in and out of the office. Creating these products for your clients shows your fun side as well.

A Halloween Journal that was created by printing with textureOne of our marketing team members created this Haunted Mansion-themed journal with our digital spot foil in honor of Halloween. Themed journals like this make great giveaway items or prizes early enough in a holiday season. They also can be a fun way to increase holiday spirit and an exciting company culture. And with Tektured, it’s simple to add foil to any design.

Other items you might find useful to your clients include:

Your fall printing doesn’t have to be Halloween-themed, specifically. Make designs last a little longer throughout the fall by using leaf or pumpkin motifs instead of ghouls, or stick to a warm, autumnal color palette.

Want to move away from just leaves and pumpkins? Check out our header image! This new foil and varnish guide may not be specific to the holiday, but it has a flair with the mask that suits nonetheless. Designs like this can be more flexible, both for clients who don’t celebrate the holiday and for lasting longer through the fall season. Create something cool for your team members using foil and varnish like this, whether they’re into the spooky side of Halloween or not!

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How will you use Halloween to your print advantage this year? Let’s stir up something crafty together!

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