Unique Travel Journal Ideas with Tektured

Most people with a cell phone these days keep their friends and family up-to-date on their adventures through social media. But there’s something special about using a physical, unique travel journal. At Tektured, we’re big fans of print and the power it has on our senses for obvious reasons. We know that a physical journal can do so much that a photo can’t! If you’re looking at creating old-school travel journals for your clients, here are our suggestions to help them preserve memories of their best vacations.

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A customized unique travel journalMemories

No matter which city you visit, there will always be details unique to each trip! These might be conversations, names of people we met, and first impressions or feelings on viewing a world-famous monument or sight. Whatever the rest of your journal looks like, make sure you include spaces for writing.

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty details, your pages might include prompts to help spark those memories or capture details travelers might not think about. Throw in a few like, “Why are you going on vacation?” “Did you meet any locals? What were their names?” or “Write a travel guide to future visitors.”

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Whether for writing down specific memories or keeping track of a tight schedule, a travel journal is perfect for holding an itinerary. Use lined pages or bullet pages to create a list marking down all these careful details.

City maps, if they’re relevant, can also be useful for planning an itinerary! Vacationers can mark it up with transportation routes, destinations, restaurants, and hotels for efficient planning. Include a major city for specific journals to help travelers get where they’re going more efficiently.

Finally, packing lists using either lined or dotted pages are a useful addition to any travel journal. These lists might spare vacationers from leaving behind necessary items or valuable souvenirs on either end of their journey.

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A customized unique travel journalSketches

Part of the reason we go on vacations or adventures is to see beautiful sights that don’t exist anywhere else. A lot of these sights invite travelers, like hundreds of artists and photographers before them, to capture them in art. While blank pages are perfect for artists and professionals, bullet or grid journals facilitate easy doodling for any vacationer! Pair these with a saddle-stitch binding for a lay-flat book that’s easy to draw in while waiting at an airport or bus stop.

Souvenir Keeper

Even without drawings, a travel journal can look colorful and fascinating by the time you’re done! Blank pages are perfect for attaching ticket stubs from plays, tickets, or tourist attractions. Travelers can glue in postcards, maps, or photos for colorful visuals of their destinations. Talk to us today about adding details like pockets to hold souvenirs like this!

Come to Tektured to get traditional unique travel journal ideas with new, personalized designs that stand out above the rest. Your clients will treasure these keepsakes for every vacation.

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