Tektured at the ASI Show Chicago 2018

Tektured is on the road this week! Michael Stone, who you may know from our “Three Minutes or Less” video series, is attending the ASI Show in Chicago. He brought along a booth-in-a-box printed right here in our facility, along with several products to show off the Tektured difference! We stand out at these shows, just like our products. Standing out is important to us; it’s a huge part of building our business! But why is Tektured at the ASI Show in Chicago? Why do we keep going to trade shows like ASI?

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Benefits of Attending ASI Shows

ASI Show Chicago’s website emphasizes that the major benefit of attending their show is to build relationships, not just make sales. Attendees at the show get to experience a “win” when it comes to their sales. It’s as simple as introducing their products to “thousands of motivated distributors that are ready to … build a lasting relationship.”  This is one of the things we hope to accomplish while at the show! We aren’t just looking for buyers to distribute products; we’re looking for long-term partnerships.

And it’s not just presenting a product that everyone else may or may not have. Visitors to the show get to learn from companies like Tektured how these products fit their business specifically. More than that, they can learn how to market these products to their own buyers. Interaction like this helps build trust and sincere interest in how our distributors manage their businesses. Both of these traits, obviously, are crucial to long-term relationships.

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Come Visit Tektured At The ASI Show!

If you’re in Chicago this week, and if you’re attending the ASI Show, drop by and see us! Our own Michael Stone is on-hand to answer questions about all of our products and services. Come learn about MGI, custom designs, and variable data–and more!

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