Custom Branded Mini Desk Calendar

It’s easy to say we’ll get organized, both with timing projects and with our desk space. But in a small desk and a busy workplace, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Except for in this case! Tektured has created a miniature desk calendar perfect for any employee, desk, or business. Check it out!

Small, Neat Size

Each calendar card is 5″ x 5″ with a 6″ triangle-base easel. That means that this tiny calendar looks fantastic on small or busy desks. Unlike traditional wall calendars, it sits on an easel rather than on a wall or in a cubicle. This is great for the trend of open-plan offices, where many employees might not have cubicle walls. It’s also nice for smaller workspaces or shared areas where wall or desk real estate is a valuable commodity.

Not Just For New Year’s

Our calendars are not just for end of year promotions like others on the market. At Tektured, you can start with any month of the year. That makes these calendars into great promotional products for summer golf and other corporate events any time of the year. It also means you can get organized any time of year, rather than either wasting half a calendar or waiting until January to start a new one.

You can also add additional months to the end of the calendar year! That gives your clients even more flexibility. What’s more, users can take out previous months on their own, whyile the padded top keeps the individual cards together.

Branded Promotion

Any business can self-promote with branded products like these calendars. At Tektured, we strive to match any company’s branding and these calendars are no exception. Each calendar package includes a branded cover page to do just that. We also add in a “year at a glance” calendar to keep track of those long-term projects and events.

With the ability to change any aspect of the design and unrestricted logo placement, this desk calendar is great for any client and any industry!



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