Tektured Finish Guide

The cover of the tektured finish guide

It’s one thing to see the photos we post here on our blog, or for us to talk about it. But the point of the Tektured finish guide is to be able to feel them. So we have created a new brochure to demonstrate the effects of Tektured digital finishes.

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Tektured Finish Guide Brochure

Spot UV varnish page with gold foil

Every spread of the Tektured Finish Guide contains a before and after comparison. On one side, you’ll see a full-color design–gorgeous on its own, but not yet finished. On the right page, you’ll see that same image with digital foil, spot varnish, and/or lamination. This should give you an idea how effective the designs actually are when you use digital finishes to enhance them.

Along with MGI finishes like foil and varnish, our Finish Guide shows how these finishes work with lamination like Soft Touch. You’ll get the full effect of how texture works on your products. That’s something we can’t normally show with just a photo!

Our brochure showcases how absolutely realistic our finishes can be, both to the eye and to the touch. We’re especially proud of our Fashion Journal cover, which imitates the look of leather with Soft Touch lamination, UV spot varnish, and gold foil. This gives you the look of using expensive cover materials like leather without actually spending as much! Plus, it’ll make it much easier to produce many copies of one product–for less!

A doughnut with Tektured spot varnishWe also have used this before on our Doughnut cover, which uses spot varnish just perfectly to imitate the feeling of frosting and sprinkles. Combined with the dazzling quality of our HP Indigo printers, and these almost feel real enough to eat! Careful—you and your clients might start craving for more than our journals!

A page in the Tektured finish guide featuring silver foilNeed ideas on how to use foil and varnish together? Come get inspired! Our Water Bottle example effortlessly combines silver foil and a thin layer of varnish in a clever design that grabs the attention of its viewers. Imagine how this could look on your next advertisement or product!

Finish Your Print Pieces

Adding spot varnish, foil, and soft touch lamination to printed materials gives you a tactile impact that websites and unfinished products cannot deliver. Tektured allows you to enhance your message on any of the products you get with us by using these finishing elements.

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Contact us today to get one of these Finish Guides for yourself! When you have it in hand, you can really feel the Tektured difference for yourself.

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