3 Minutes or Less: Design Files for Foil & Spot UV

In the third installment of our design tutorial series, Creative Director Ricky Williamson teaches us how to design for both foil and varnish. Some designs use only one or the other. But those that truly shine often use both! Using both lets your design really stand out. Plus, when you use both, you’ll find that your products are incredibly touch-able!

Designing for Foil and Varnish

When you use both foil and varnish, you open up the possibility for more interesting and dynamic designs. Spot UV creates an interesting texture or makes something shiny look almost real. Foil catches the eye and helps tap into that love of all things shiny we have. Putting them together enhances the look of any piece and skyrockets your chances of selling it.

In our previous videos, Ricky made it easy to divide your foil elements and your spot UV elements into other files or layers for simple printing. Likewise, he’s kept it easy to create a file with both types of finishes.

If you have both foil and varnish, follow the steps in our previous foil video to separate your foil elements from your art file. You’ll have a layer called “[color] foil” that contains those elements.

Then, follow the steps in our spot UV video to create a varnish layer. Copy that into a new layer in your document and name it “Spot UV.” You’ll need it to be a new layer, rather than a separate document as shown in that video.

Once you have completed these steps and created your three layers (“foil”, “spot UV”, and “art”), your document is ready to send to us! We will then print it to your specifications. When you see it in person, it will have both foil and varnish to complete your whole dazzling design.

Let Us Help You Get Started

Now that you’re ready to create both digital foil and varnish in a document, you’re ready to print with Tektured! Whatever your product needs, let us help you bring your colorful, stunning dreams to life with our MGI technology.

Contact us today to learn more or to get started on your finished products!

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