3 Minutes or Less: Designing for Foil Finishes

Today, Michael visits with Creative Director Ricky Williamson again! This time, we’re showing you how to design for digital foil finishes. Like with spot UV, we have many questions about how to set it up. Foil is one of Tektured’s specialties, so we want you to be able to use it to your best advantage.

Designing for Foil

Foil is extremely eye-catching on any design. It adds a flash of bright color–perhaps to a title or to an element of the design that you want to stand out above the rest. Because it immediately draws attention, it’s great for getting people to touch or hold your product. Which, as touch marketing teaches us, is an excellent tactic for increasing sales.

Plus, using foil on your designs will make them look higher-end. Humans as a whole are attracted to shiny things–just look at our love of gold! That’ll translate to a perceived increase in quality when you put gold foil on a journal cover.

Again, Ricky uses our sample kit, which uses both digital foil and spot UV. Since we send out so many, and since we use digital foil all over the kit, it was a no-brainer that our clients would want to know more.

In the original art file, Ricky used colors that emulate the foil he wanted on the final product. That helps him decide where he wants that foil to go when we print the sample kit. He then made a new layer and named it “blue foil.”

Then, Ricky selected the logos to be foiled and copied them into the new layer. This puts the logos exactly in the right spot for printing. Finally, Ricky changes that blue to 100% black. Again, this must be true black to work properly. Also, for your design to print the way it should, you must delete the elements from the art layer. This prevents issues with lining up or with the foil adhering properly.

It’s that simple! With these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to a brilliant foiled product in no time.


Next time: Learn how to set up your document for both digital foil and spot UV!

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