3 Minutes or Less: How to Design for Spot UV

Today, Michael sits down with our Creative Director, Ricky Williamson. For all designers printing with Tektured, it’s important to know how to design for spot UV varnish. Setting up the files correctly will mean a smoother process, a better look, and a greater product in the end!

Spot UV Design

Spot UV, of course, is using small spots of varnish on your design to create texture or shine. Using varnish in this way draws the attention of your customers and creates a unique, interesting feel. With varnish, it’s hard to stop running your hands over a product. This is great because the longer you handle a product like this, the more attached you are to it, and the likelier you are to buy it. This is called “touch marketing.”

After our clients view our sample kit, they often want to know how to do this for themselves so that they can use the best technology Tektured offers.

Using our sample kit to illustrate, Ricky shows designers how to set up for spot UV. On our sample kit, we have spot varnish in certain places to give the sample kit the look of stitched leather. To create this, he created a separate file for spot UV, a duplicate of the first design that shows only what he wants varnished.

You’ll notice that everything in this separate document is black. Not just any black; it must be 100% black to print properly. Our MGI machine will then read this file and correctly place the digital spot varnish when the document goes through the printer.

Now It’s Your Turn

There you have it! It’s really as simple as duplicating your design and finding the parts you want to be varnished. We hope that this will make it easy for you and your designers to create a fantastic textured design on any product.

Got any lingering questions? We’re available to help! Contact us today to find out more, or to have us print your design.


Next time: Learn how to set up your document for digital foil!

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