3 Minutes or Less: Luggage Tags (video)

Our luggage tags can take quite the beating! To put it to the test, Michael Stone brought luggage tags by Tektured on his trip!

How durable are our luggage tags?

We’ve made our luggage tags extra long-lasting! Michael shows us one tag that has been on his bag since May 2017. And with all the ASI shows, Michael travels a lot, not just once or twice a year! In fact, that particular tag has lasted for 20 flights. So, when you get a luggage tag through Tektured, you’ll know that it will last!

And last it did, from Dallas to Salt Lake City. You can see both the old and the new tags have survived the trip.

And they’ll do more than just survive! We’ve also talked about how our tags can bear quite a lot of weight, which is nice for keeping up with heavy luggage and long trips.


Interested in getting sturdy luggage tags for your next business trip? Contact us today!

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