3 Minutes or Less: Showrooms

We’re back for another week of 3 Minutes or Less! One big feature of our new video: subtitles! We hope this helps those of you who are hard of hearing or Deaf, or who are watching while at the office. This week, we want to focus on showrooms and how you can use them to benefit your business.

The Value of Showrooms

Obviously, we all like showing off what we’ve done. But not every business currently has a showroom. So we want to impress the importance of using a showroom of any size to demonstrate your skills and capabilities.

If you have a showroom, this helps your clients see what they can do with your business. This is important for meeting your needs, as well as theirs. Use tours of a showroom to get ideas for future projects and learn what you can do to grow your business.

Plus, if you show off the truly challenging pieces, you can showcase the capability your business has of solving problems. This is vital for any business, and it increases your standing with your customers if you can prove it.

The Benefits of Touch

Of course, at Tektured, we believe in the power of touch marketing. That is, using texture, weight, and other elements of touch to help sell a product. Products with texture tend to create a stronger sense of ownership (increasing the chance of purchase) and help with memory. You can use these elements to build a connection with a client and, naturally, sell a service or a product.

If you have a showroom, you have the ability to let your clients handle your products. Those products will build or strengthen the connection for you. More likely than not, once you’ve gotten them to handle something your business has created, you’ve won yourself a future customer.


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