3 Minutes or Less: PPAI Expo

This week on 3 Minutes or Less, Michael Stone and our marketing director, Ryan Frandsen, share their expertise on marketing at expos. Michael and Ryan speak to us from the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.

Using Expos to Sell Your Product

In the video, you can see how we have taken the tactics Michael discussed in our Self-Promotion video and put them into use. We can take our products and, as distributors have told us, make them work to fill a client’s need.

Michael and Ryan also offer advice on sharing a brand-new product with your client. Ryan’s advice? If you can find interest in it, and if you can find a way to use it, your clients likely will, too! Loyal customers will come to you and will help you find ways to use that new technology and product to fill their need.


Interested in how we can use these cutting edge technologies and products to help your business? Make sure to contact us today!

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