3 Minutes or Less: Self Promotion

Self-promotion is important for any business! It’s not just marketing a product; it’s marketing yourself. Michael Stone talks to us today about why it’s so important to promote your own brand.

Self Promotion

Michael uses the example of our docupads, created here at Tektured. Our docupads combine a notepad and a mousepad into one for easy note-taking. Better, at Tektured, we can put any logo or branding color onto these pads as promotion.

This is vital for branding and promoting yourself because it keeps your company in your clients’ minds. Docupads take up space on the desk, and they’re something your client is likely to use every day if they work at a computer. Slap your logo on that, and you can remind your client of you and your business every day.

Creative Self-Promotion

Other products you might use as self-promotion include wrapping paper and journals. These also use your logo and are everyday items. The wrapping paper can be especially useful because generally it holds a gift. That immediately associates your brand with the joy of getting a present.

You can also use your business card as a way to promote yourself. Not only does it showcase design and color, but you can show off something special about your brand with it.

Want to stick out even more? Think of ordinary, everyday items you can put your logo on. These might be:

  • Phone chargers
  • Bottle openers
  • Desk toys

Just make sure it is big enough to put your contact information on so that clients can contact you at any time.

Want to have Tektured create great promotional products for your business? Just contact us! You can reach out to Michael Stone at michaels@tektured.com.

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