3 Minutes or Less: Designing for Print

This week on “3 Minutes or Less,” Michael brings in our Creative Director, Ricky Williamson, to discuss designing for print. Specifically, when you create a design that you intend to use with MGI digital spot foil or varnish.

Designing with Foil and Varnish

Ricky points out that MGI should be done with the design in mind, rather than “just to use it.” While foil and varnish are impressive on any design, it should also be done judiciously. Not every design, without proper consideration, will benefit from foil or varnish just slapped on.

When you design for MGI, you need to determine how these elements will enhance your image, rather than distract from it. For example, this particular cover creates a texture with spot varnish that imitates wood. It doesn’t cover up or distract from the original design while adding just that hint of interesting texture that makes your clients wonder how this could feel so real.


Interested in making your journals and products shine? Contact us today to learn more about your design and adding foil or varnish!

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