3 Minutes or Less: Custom Pages (Video)

Introducing our new video series, 3 Minutes or Less! In these videos, we’ll show you in three minutes (or less!) the details of our products and processes.

“At Tektured, we let you customize every single piece,” says Michael. And we mean it! We want you to have total customization over your products. Each piece needs to be as unique as you and your business to stand out in the promotional industry. So this video shows you how we can customize even the interiors of our journals to fit your brand and your needs.

Customizable Advertising Space

From the very start of the video, you can see how we customize even the inside of the front cover. This is the first thing your customers will see on opening up any notebook or journal. It can be prime advertising space, or a great way to add to your front cover’s design.

In this photo, you can also see our capabilities with inserts. These full-color pages fold out to display larger images, products, and more information than you might fit on only one advertising page. You can add one in if you want to show off your catalog, as we’re doing, or information about your company.

Michael also shows how you can place a logo, website, and other company information on every single page. This is great marketing, making it so that everyone who uses your books will remember you and how to contact you.


At the very back of the book, Michael displays our custom advertising space on the last page and on the back cover interior. This lets you show off your brand, a specific message, a design, or anything else you want your customers to see.

Page Types

Now on to the various pages we offer! Our dot grid is the most popular. Dot grids are great for various types of organization, whether you need to emphasize something important by writing it larger or get lots of information onto a page. You can also make lists easily, along with idea clouds, graphs and charts, and more. This flexible, visual style is a better way to take notes and make sure tasks get done.

We also offer a graph pattern, which is great for charts, smaller notes, and other visual notes. Or, if you’re a traditionalist, we naturally offer our lined pages, in keeping with the notebooks you’ve always used and cherished.

Don’t want any boundaries at all? We offer blank pages too! This is nice for artists and architects who need to draw, or those who need to put notes and memos anywhere on a page.


We’d love to hear from you on our journals! We’re happy to listen to your suggestions, whatever they may be. Contact us today to learn more about our custom journals!

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