3 Minutes or Less: MGI Print Finishes (video)

Ever wonder how our MGI digital finishes work? Wonder no longer! Michael Stone takes us through the process of how we make our digital spot UV varnish and digital foil.

Once, we had to add finishes like digital foil using an expensive die. That made it difficult to share with our clients, and very expensive. Certainly it wasn’t worth it to create short-run or one-off products with foil if you had to create, use, and store a die to do it.

Digital foil and varnish, however, makes it easy for anyone to use. Now, we can do completely customizable finishes, variable data in varnish or foil, and more!

Foiled Again!

In the video above, Michael shows you how we feed through a 20″ x 29″ sheet that comes out perfectly finished with foil. You can see it on our newly-created Christmas card! With digital foil, we can get fine details onto the paper easily, shown by those delicate snowflakes.

You can also see how varnish creates fantastic textures in the sample kit shown. You can use varnish to make a design look and feel like leather, canvas, pieces of metal, or any other kind of texture–all on simple paper or board!

Also, on that last page of the sample kit, check out the words Tektured Print. We can even layer foil! That gives you an extra metallic texture or the ability to use two colors in a design.


Contact us today to learn more about our foil and varnish capabilities and how they’ll work for your products. Contact Michael at michaels@tektured.com.

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