MASI Certification Awarded to Michael Stone

Tektured continues to grow and expand with every month we stay on the job. And one of those ways we grow is with our team! In any company, it’s important for its team to expand their skills and knowledge so that the business can improve. For us, the most recent way we’ve improved is with Michael Stone, one of our representatives.

Michael recently achieved his Master of Advertising Specialty Information (MASI) certificate from ASI (the Advertising Specialty Institute). As the equivalent of a Master’s degree, this is the most prestigious degree that the advertising industry offers. Each year, ASI uses $1.3 million to help educate its members and improve their knowledge of advertising. And because Tektured aims to improve, Michael signed up.

What a MASI Means

The advertising industry can be deeply competitive. According to ASI, suppliers “need the skills to out-think, outperform and out-service the competition.” Because it involves an intense study of the industry, Master of Advertising Specialty Information certification can help you do just that. As with any degree, studying the craft so intensely gives you the tools to bring the best work to your work and clients. So, imagine having such a specialized, advanced degree just for you and your business!

Certifying for a MASI

To certify, Michael completed courses on sales, marketing, business building, technology, gathering social media tools, and PR. He also took courses on advertising apparel–since this is one of the biggest products in the advertising industry.

In honor of this award, Michael will receive recognition at the upcoming ASI Show on January 3-4, 2018, with other recipients. He’ll continue to use his new knowledge with Tektured to bring you–our clients–the very best advertising products possible!

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