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Custom Hardcover Journals

At Tektured, we specialize in digital UV spot varnish and digital foil on any product. But it especially shines on our journals! And we now have brand-new hardcover journals!

The great thing about journals: they’re marketing tools that don’t look like marketing. They remain useful after a promotion or event, because everyone needs notebooks and journals. But for them to be really effective, they need to stand out. Not just with a fantastic design, but with other options people tend to overlook without knowing their importance. And this works especially well on our new hardcover journals!

What’s nice about hardcover?

There’s a reason major book publishers tend to release a new book in hardcover. It just feels nicer in your hands. Hardcover books have a little more weight to them, which–when you use touch marketing–makes them stick more in your memory.

Plus, they’re much sturdier. A hardcover book is the kind of thing you want to use if you need the information inside to last. This is nice for photo books, signed copies, scrapbooks, and other keepsakes. But in journal terms, that’s nice for being on-the-go or for bringing a more professional journal to a meeting. After all, it may reflect on you to use another, flimsier journal that’s showing its age.

Hardcover journals by Tektured

Our hardcover journals will feel new on the outside, but look familiar to those familiar with our existing softcover books. We create these with the same care we put into our softcover journals. We use the same existing designs–or yours! All of the customizable options are the same. Plus, inside the book is the exact same wide range of pages you can get with our products. Now, though, it’s all wrapped up in a sturdier, nicer-feeling package.

However, our hardcover books now come with a head and foot band and the option to add a ribbon. Ribbons make it easy for your customers to locate their last entry or an important set of notes fast. Sure, stickers and book tabs exist–but these can fall out on a well-used notebook. Ribbons, though, won’t ever fall out.

As with all of our products, you can customize them completely! Change the design, add logos, and even add on a recipient’s name with our variable data! All this with no extra hassle on your part. Just provide us with the names and designs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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