Printing Impressions: Check out our Sample Kit!

Want to know more about our sample kit? Printing Impressions created a video detailing it and our services! In the video on their site, Printing Impressions goes through the contents of our sample kit.


Tektured Uses Sample Kit to Showcase Capabilities

(Click this link to view the video by Printing Impressions!)


We created this as brand awareness and not only to show you what we can do, but to put samples you can use into your hands. These tangible reminders of our capabilities show you and your business why you should rely on Tektured for top-notch, fully-customizable products.

The host also describes more than what’s in the box. She tells you how we did it! With our HP Indigo 10000 and 12000, and using our MGI digital foil and varnish press, of course!

Plus, our sample kits contain more information than simple samples. We show you how you can use items like wrapping paper and finishes like foil. Our journal even has a space you could use to create a logo in your own versions!


Order one of our sample kits for yourself! Just contact us, and we’ll ship one out to you. You’ll be able to feel the difference for yourself, and share it with your business.

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