Custom Logo Wrapping Paper on The Joe Show

Gift-giving season is almost upon us! And once more, Tektured returns to The Joe Show, a YouTube show created by ASI (the Advertising Specialty Institute) to display promotional products. This time, Product Editor Joe Haley showcases our custom gift wrapping paper.

Custom Gift Wrap

We created this wrapping paper with our own logo on it as a sample. Printed on 60# paper, it feels sturdier and higher-quality than the cheap, oversized rolls of paper you can buy at the dollar store. This means it looks and feels nicer for those special gifts at this time of year.

Joe shows off how this sample of wrapping paper also showcases both our full logo and our thumbnail in the design. This is something that we could do for your products as well! After all, your company paper will enhance your gifts given between employees, executives, and even clients.


Watch the video to get more details on our wrapping paper and how you could use it!


Come check out more about our custom gift wrapping paper. You’ll even be able to give it a design test run by clicking the yellow “Create Virtual Sample” button.

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