New Feature: Design Your Own Products

If you’ve been exploring our website, you may have found our cool new feature in our product pages. Now, you get to test-drive the design of all your products! With our virtual sample creator, you now get the chance to try out your logo.

Testing Your Design

First, go to Shop By Category on any page. Select a product and its size. At the bottom of the descriptive paragraph, you’ll see a yellow button to Create Virtual Sample.

Click that button, and a design window will pop up. Here, you can place logos, text, and shapes on any one of the presented designs.

Test-drive fonts and text on any cover. You can change the alignment, size, and color of the text as you please to complement your design. You can also pick fonts from our drop-down list with plenty of options to show off on your cover!

At any time, whether you add fonts or not, you can also insert your logo onto a product. Here, we’ve added our Tektured logo onto a product as an example.

You can also add shapes to your design. Finally, should you decide you don’t like any element of the design, you can erase it without completely starting over. Just move to the top of the menu and click the Undo button. Or, select the element and press Delete on your keyboard.

When you are finished, you can send your design to yourself or to any email address. You can send this as a mockup to a designer, or to us to create for you as a journal. If you choose not to email it, you can also print your sample image to display to others.

Though this feature currently only uses our existing designs, we will always allow you to create your own designs on any product. Contact us to get your own design on any of our products, or to print a design you created using this service.

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