About Our Tektured Journal and Notebook Finishes

This week, we’re featuring another video! This also comes from representative Michael Stone. We got a few requests to see how the foil and varnish on our notebooks work! And, naturally, we want to show you how!

Our Foil and Varnish

When you watch the video below, check out how the MGI designs on this journal catch the light! We use foil on the white part of the cover, and varnish on the blue. Laying flat, you can clearly see the difference. But in the light, the two elements come together to make the whole piece sparkle with eye-catching stars!

Both foil and varnish have a texture so you can feel the difference between our journals and flat, unfinished versions. We don’t have to use embossing or debossing, which makes our process easier and more flexible for each design.

Inside the journal, we’ve printed the interior of the cover, which gives you extra space to play with a design if you choose to. Our pages in this sample use a dot grid pattern. This is one of the most flexible page types for a notebook. You can use the grid points as bullets for a list, write sideways, write at any size–and even doodle! But if you prefer, we also do lined, graph, lined grid, and blank pages to give you more options.

And of course, all of our designs have variable data capabilities. As Michael explains, that means you can put individual names on each cover, or your logo on all of them.

Finally, you can customize the entire design. That means your journal doesn’t have to have foil, varnish, and/or the title Notes at the top. It’s completely up to you!

Remember that our foil comes in several different colors: Gold, silver, copper, rose gold, blue, green, and red. This gives you the flexibility to design any notebook or journal how you want it.


Contact us today to learn more about our journals and notebooks, and how you can customize them to fit your needs!

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