How Sturdy Are Our Printed Luggage Tags?

We already know our printed luggage tags are tough! They can take a heavy beating, since we print them on 12mm vinyl synthetic. Over that, we use a matte laminate coating to give them extra protection from the elements. But how strong are they really? And can they stand up to your heaviest luggage and your longest journeys?

Yes, they can! Michael Stone, a representative for Tektured, wanted to show off just how strong they actually are. So he tied them to dumbbells to show that even if you want to carry your luggage by the tag, you can!

Our tags, as Michael proves, can stay intact and strong even when bearing 40 pounds! For paper, that’s pretty incredible.

Not convinced yet? You can easily customize every one of our luggage tags. So they don’t have to be bland or generic just because they’re tough!

Contact us today and get the best luggage tag for your needs–however you want it!

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