What Sets Tektured Apart?

In the promotional products industry, you can find almost anything you need. But even with so many products on the market, you may still meet with a lot of limitations. Generic products, restrictions on design, and dull finishes can hold you–and your clients–back. Tektured, though, gives no limitations. With our business, you can create any product you want to fit your clients’ brand, style, and needs!

Their Journals

Other suppliers, despite their size, limit your options. Many companies buy their products in bulk and print their logo or their clients’ without any fanfare. This results in a generic product that won’t match the needs of your many clients. Others, despite having a large inventory, may be difficult to work with when trying to add various logos and images to a product. They also may prevent you from customizing the pages with your own brand! Finally, even if you can create your own, you may receive a simple, one-color book with a one-color logo or imprint. Sounds pretty limiting to us!

Our Journals

At Tektured, we believe that you should have the best of both worlds. We have provided our clients with limitless designs on-demand–and we mean it! Create your own or have us create one for you. Then, no matter your design, you can place your customer’s logo and ANY Image you want and put it on any one of our products. We don’t require a template or specifications on your logo or imprint.

With Tektured’s State of the Art HP Indigo 10000, we have full color capabilities and a high-quality printing standard on all of our products. We also use one of the only MGI iFoil and JETVarnish presses in the industry. This technology gives you top-notch products that shine–just the way you want it!


If you have a unique idea but aren’t quite sure what you want, we have a fully staffed and award-winning design team with over 30 years of design and prepress experience. Our team has a portfolio of work for companies such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, FranklinCovey, Ancestry.com and more. Contact us today to learn more about the difference in Tektured products, or to receive a sample kit of your own!

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