Essential Office Print Products: Custom Printed Luggage Tags

Traveling can be stressful enough. The last thing anyone needs is the anxiety of losing or temporarily misplacing luggage. Whether your customers use a suitcase or a purse, help them keep their belongings safe and their vacations stress-free! Tektured can create custom printed luggage tags for any business or customer. We print sturdy, wear-resistant tags with a spacious 5”x2.5” writing space and a 7″ self-attaching loop.

Alexander's Luggage Tags

Tough for Any Trip

Our custom printed luggage tags are printed on a 12mm vinyl synthetic. Over this, we give them our matte cover lamination for extra protection. We got our inspiration from special paper that won’t tear or fray despite handling. This is especially important for us, because our tags fold into a self-attaching loop for security. We want it to be able to withstand usual wear and tear on its own.

They won’t tear or scratch, despite travel conditions like being put in an airplane hold. They’ll also hold up to weather–meaning that if you encounter rain on your travels, your paper luggage tag won’t dissolve!

Customize Your Designs

Because they’re customizable, you can choose unique luggage tags to match your clients’ style. Whether you focus on your travel destination, a design of your own, or a branded look to match your company, the choice is up to you! This uniqueness keeps luggage identifiable and fun. If anyone becomes separated from their luggage at a convention, they can know that they’ll find it quickly.

Choosing a unique or branded design makes any piece of luggage stand out at a convention. By choosing custom designs, your customers will be the talk of any trade show or event! If you want to use this for your business, you can also spread the word at these events about your company! On-the-go branded items like this are great marketing tools for any business.


If you’re interested in getting a quote for a luggage tag or pitching us a design idea, contact us today!

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