Foiled!: Digital Foil Your Products with Tektured

Humans have always been attracted to shiny things. Just think of our attraction to gold! Clever marketers and product designers use this in every item we use, from clothing to the stickers on a box. And research has found that with digital foil, some companies have found up to a 70 percent increase in purchase interest when they add foil to their packaging. This kind of customer interest is well worth its weight in gold.

You too can use this tactic on your Tektured pieces. After all, digital foil is one of our specialties.

Foil How You Want It

Tektured gives you the flexibility to apply foil however and wherever you want. For example: our MGI press digitally applies our foil. This means you can change up your designs every time–without creating expensive dyes or plates! You don’t have to stick with only a few designs, unable to afford more. With our technology, you can meet your clients’ needs for any design on any product.

What’s more, our digital inkjet technology means you can use foil in extremely thin lines all the way up to large, solid areas. Your piece will become more vivid and tactile however you choose to design your foil. In the end, you’ll have a premium, high-end feel to your final product.

Variable Foil

Want to do foil for each individual client? We use variable data to personalize names and other information on products. And with Tektured, you can even do this with foil!

Make each individual product extra special by foiling names or company logos. Whatever you want to do with your variable data, Tektured can provide!

Foil Elevated


You can also layer colors of foil! This is on a sign, but this may give you ideas for how to use it on other print products. We layered gold foil on top of silver foil to create the appearance of textured metal. This extra pop draws even more attention than a single color of foil on its own.

At Tektured, we want to help your product look and feel its best. If you’re curious about what our MGI digital foil and UV spot varnish can do for you, contact us today!

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