Your Free Sample Kit from Tektured

Every business needs a way to display samples and show off their product. One of the best ways? Creating a sample kit! That’s just what Tektured has done so that we can show our customers the possibilities. You too can receive one of these and see why so many distributors are choosing Tektured! You can sign up today to receive a completely free sample kit from Tektured! Just visit our Contact Us page and request one.

What do you get inside a free sample kit from Tektured? Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from our kit.

Our Packaging

When you receive a our free Tektured sample kit, you’ll notice that it’s as textured as our name! We’ve embellished the packaging with foil and spot varnish to look like an old-fashioned traveling bag like an explorer might use. There’s even a compass on the side, glossy with UV spot varnish.

We chose this theme because we want to help you navigate past mediocre and nondescript products, and find your way to success! This theme lets us choose a cool and unique shape for our packaging as well. We like playing with design as much as you do!

What’s Inside

Opening up our sample kit, you’ll find: a journal with both MGI press digital foil and UV spot varnish. This lets you see the possibilities of both features. We also provide a sample of all our colors of foil so you can let your imagination run wild!

You’ll also find a luggage tag and a docupad. These display our variable data. Also, we wanted to send you useful, fun products so you can test them out for yourself!


Want to see all these items for yourself? Only by handling these products can you feel the Tektured difference for yourself! Contact us today and see what touch marketing and Tektured technology can do for your clients.

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