Essential Office Print Products: Business Cards

Imagine your business without business cards. Chances are, internal working would probably run the same as ever. But your face-to-face marketing, sales, and other meetings with clients would likely stumble or shatter. Business cards can be a powerful tool, even in today’s digital world. Even effective salespeople and other face-to-face representatives of your company are more effective with physical print, which starts becoming effective long before going to press.

Business Cards For Any Need

Your business card’s power starts with its design and feel. Paper automatically has more power in today’s digital world than an email or a LinkedIn invite alone. Touch marketing shows that paper–especially if it’s textured–has greater recall power. In other words, people who handle a nicely-textured card have a better chance of remembering the information on it. They’ll also tend to associate it with more positive feelings. Why wouldn’t you want that for a marketing tool?

Here at Tektured, we can create any style or shape of business card for your business. Plus, we can use your brand colors to keep your cards consistent with your other marketing collateral and with your brand.

Need a lot of cards printed? Tektured can take out the hassle for you! Our variable data makes it simple to create an individual card for every employee in your company.

Completely Custom Business Cards

Every business card is custom in its own way. But for some, standard business card templates won’t measure up. Combining our technology with their designs, Tektured can create custom business cards for any need.

We had artists Kimberly Kay and A. N. Gephart come to us prior to their upcoming release of Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book. Because of the competitive nature of publishing, they wanted to stand out.

With that in mind, Kimberly designed two cards. One version had a sample coloring page in miniature on the back. The other, however, showed a portion of the cover so that recipients would recognize her book from a glance. Both artists knew both would be effective choices. But which to pick? They asked Tektured for a recommendation on which card to pick, and we said, “Why not both?”

We were able to print 250 business cards with both designs, all without a hitch. Our cards also used 100 pound paper to keep ink from bleeding over onto the other side. As a result: two very happy artists and 250 beautiful, detailed cards to grab everyone’s attention at a glance.

Finish With Foil and Spot Varnish

Finally, whether your card is custom or comes from a template, we can finish it with spot UV varnish and digital foil. Adding a bit of gleam to your card makes it all the more eye-catching and special for your clients. Plus, it works with touch marketing. Foil and varnish is a great way to add interesting texture to your card. And because both make your card look even more special, you can be sure your clients and customers will handle it a lot longer.


Talk to us today about how Tektured can create the best business cards for your company and employees’ needs!

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