Essential Office Products: Planners & Notebooks

Everyone needs a notebook at work! In any meeting, we need to take notes for future products or to note important topics to look up later. At the desk, we jot down ideas, copy down phone numbers and notes from a phone call, and form plans. And finally, for some of us, we just need to doodle to listen better! Office notebooks and planners fill all these needs and more. And where better to get them than from your own company?

A lot of people will go get notebooks from the store, or anywhere but your business. But rather than letting your customers and employees get journals elsewhere, give them an office notebook suited to build your brand and promote your company culture.

Hidden Marketing

Notebooks and planners use marketing in plain sight! By putting your logo or colors on a book, you convey throughout the company–to your employees and clients alike–what your brand stands for. Your brand’s standards show in the quality of your design and product. You can also put your logo on any design and in the pages of a notebook or planner to solidify its place as a company product.

Why is this important? Putting your logo or colors on and in a journal strengthens your brand by associating positive feelings with it. This is especially effective when you use digital foil and varnish on a product. Touch marketing shows that textures on a product keep people handing it and eventually coming to see that texture (and the brand!) as a positive thing.

Completely Customizable

Tektured makes it easy for you to customize your notebooks, journals, and planners however you want. We use variable data to put your logo on any existing design. This is especially great if you want to vary your logos in any way between products.

Or, you can create a custom cover with any design you desire. This means you can use your approved company colors and styles. You can also just create something fun for your employees to have and use to grow positive feelings for the company.

Whatever you choose, it’s completely up to you! And Tektured can help you every step of the way.

If you’re interested in learning more about our notebooks and planners, contact us today! We’d love to help you create an excellent branding product for your business.

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