Essential Office Products: Signage

Why let your office look dull and uninspired? Even if you want to focus on utility rather than fluff, a bare environment without office signage sends a message to your clients you may not want them to see. If your office is sterile or generic, they may think your company operates similarly.

Worse, keeping your office blank and dry can affect your employees as well. This can distance them from your brand, your company's goals, and eventually your business itself. When this happens, there is a higher turnover, new employee cost, and productivity loss.

Naturally, this is not the image of your company you want to send! You want to show off that you are innovative, creative, and brilliant. So why not get office signage and decor to match?

Signs and Decor

Office signage is one of the best ways to brighten your company culture with print. Some businesses may not want to clutter their walls or spend too much money. Overall, though, it’s more cost effective to improve company culture and branding with decorations that engage and interest your employees.

For your clients and guests, you can display your brand colors, praise, and company slogans. And where you can, innovate! Think outside the box, and your clients can trust that you’ll think outside the box for them too.

Emphasize your brand to your guests and employees with mission statements and logos. Grab their interest too! You can also create helpful signs in work areas like phone extension lists, safety measures, and so on.

Encourage both groups with specific customer praise for your company and products. Knowing that your company has done well and that you know where you’re going will help your business thrive from the inside out.

Remember to decorate with fun, creative, and/or seasonal images Show that you’re focused on your business, but that you still know how to have fun. Plus, you can boost your employees’ productivity by switching up your signage every so often.

Keep your office festive during holidays, too. Regardless of religion or culture, you should decorate for the holidays in some way. This will keep your employees from feeling down or unrecognized during special times of the year.

Your Business and Tektured: A Creative Partnership

Do you have ideas for great signage within your company? Or do you want to spruce up your existing decor? Tektured also provides digital foil and varnish for any decorative piece or sign within your office. Foil and UV makes a great statement for your clients and catches the eye of all who pass.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your office a fun, creative place to work.

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