Essential Office Products You Can Print With Tektured: Docupads

Just because an item is useful doesn’t mean it has to be boring! A lot of people look at office print and products as simply utilitarian without considering how fun they can be. Or, when choosing office collateral, they might see it as a frivolous expense. But office print collateral can liven up your company culture while serving a need.

This week, we want to focus on docupads, and how useful they can be for your office.


Have you ever been on the phone and needed to take down a number, name, or URL in a hurry? How often have you scrambled for a pen and paper without dropping the phone? Shuffling around and delaying can cause a lot of problems. Clients can become frustrated at having to repeat it, or information can get lost as you try to write it all down.

Many companies might just find the easiest solution in yet another pile of sticky notes. But these can create more clutter and chaos, and that information still gets lost. Sticky notes and random pieces of paper also have a higher chance of getting lost or thrown away if your desk is not organized.

Try creating a docupad for your office use instead! The perfect combo of paper and a mouse pad, docupads become a permanent fixture on your clients’ and employees’ desks. In the same movement, you can write down important information and click on a link to best assist your client on the other end of the phone.

Unlike simply using a large notepad as a mouse pad, docupads stay put on your desk with a small adhesive strip. So moving your mouse quickly won’t send your notepad flying. Paper won’t get your mouse dirty, either, so you can keep your area and equipment tidy.


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