Custom Gift Wrapping Paper

Poor packaging can destroy an otherwise perfect gift. Presentation matters more than we might think. After all, despite the adage, we like to judge books (and gifts) by their covers. But you can make your gifts stand out with custom wrapping paper!

The Perfect Size

Too often, we go to the store and find a roll of wrapping paper for a birthday or holiday that really catches the eye. But it’s never worth it for just one present. If you get that whole roll, chances are that you’ll hang onto it for years, rarely using it and letting it take up space.

But we print our custom wrapping paper in just one size: 20 x 29 inches. This makes it easy to wrap single or small gifts. You’ll never have to waste money or space on a roll of wrapping paper that you won’t use! Of course, we also have the option to create a whole roll if you do need one. It’s all up to you. Just let us know, and we’ll meet your needs.

Variable Data

Want to give gifts for your business? Add your logo! Our variable data technology simplifies the process of adding your logo all over your wrapping paper. This makes your gifts a great marketing opportunity for clients outside the company. And it’s great for company culture for gifts within the company as well!

Beautiful Custom Designs

Generic rolls of wrapping paper in the store don’t cut it for everyone. Sometimes, birthday balloons or Christmas snowmen just aren’t appropriate for the occasion, either. But finding a fun, beautiful design can be more difficult or expensive than it seems at the start.

So, we’ve not only created flexible, fun designs, but we’ve given you the opportunity to create your own! Just submit your design, whether you want it to stand out to a particular person or to make your branding shine.


Still not convinced? Studies show gift wrap improves the receiver’s evaluation of the gift by 17% and increases the appreciation of the gift giver. Wrapping paper is more than just a decorative wrap, it’s a present for your brand.

Contact us today about creating your very own custom gift wrapping paper!

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